Sunday, October 9, 2011

Transcripts from Occupy Houston (06-OCT-2011)

Keep in mind that these are transcriptions, not reporting the stories. I am showing here, to the best of my ability, what people said and how they said it so that you can see how real people in the 99% tell their stories. I've cut no 'uhs' no 'ums' and the punctuation and capitalization are following transcription practices, not normal writing practices.

PERSON TWO; <RISING> Uh: </RISING> <FALLING> I am out here, i .. Im not here because i personally: am in any kind of financial .. dire straits or any:thing like that. I just wish that we lived in a democracy. .. A real one, not a fake one, Not a fake coopted lie of a democracy. Thats really my whole reason for being here. .. Um i mean .. why .. why live here if you can't have a say and: were not millionaires </FALLING> <RISING-FALLING> so we dont have a say. </RISING-FALLING> ##### ((UNINTELLIGIBLE DUE TO A BACKGROUND NOISE)) That's all I got. @ <FALLING> And unfortunately i work for a major ... ~aerospace corporation, so i cannot .. be seen here  </FALLING> ... <RISING> or i-- ..

PERSON THREE; So: my name is ~person three and i: am: a:, I have a baccelors degree. .. And the only job i can get in this economy is a construction worker. .. Because theres no jobs. .. A:nd i am protesting because the banks got this ((RECORDING ERROR)) they got this this. ... And uh youknow like i wanna be a teacher. .. And i cant because, .. Youknow they had to do budget cuts because there was no money. .. So thats why im protesting today.

PERSON FOUR;  Uh my story is: I am a young business owner, .. an entrepreneur if you will. ... Uh ... its been an upward battle. I've been working for myself since i was nineteen years old. Uh: even to this day i have to carry four jobs. .. I live at the workshop, .. that I have my business .. uh and it's an old mans world .. uh .. theres no place for young uh ... uh entrepreneurs young uh ... you know young innovators dont have a place any more. The rich have shut out anybody with any good ideas, They decide who gets loans, They decide who ... who prospers, and its: its not right. As a young person that has my whole life to look forward to in america ... things need to change, a:nd i: .. I hope .. hope it changes.

PERSON FIVE; <RISING> Im here today because, .. I want our country to be the count- the country that we were left by our forefathers i want to leave to our children. And the country changing right before our eyes right now. .. Im here because i think one in .. the statistics say one in seven american children are starving to death, .. Because they cut .. the pay .. of the military families, .. in half, and yet .. Congress has not given up anything Senate has not given up anything. .. ## ((and til OR until)) they can work together we have a right to stand in the street, Were paying their salaries, Were paying for the streets, .. Were paying for everything here. We the people have a right to peacefully protest. </RISING> <LOW> And i want to make sure we dont loose that right. </LOW> <FALLING> I know mothers .. single mothers and individuals who are falling through the cracks. </FALLING> <RISING> My husband and i have became the social services of our community in some parts </RISING> <HIGH> As have many of us, </HIGH> <FALLING> Helping feed, clothe, pay rent, .. keep roofs over peoples homes. This is the job of our nation. .. First america then the rest of the world. .. That's why im here. </FALLING> <HIGH><FORCEFUL> For democracy. </FORCEFUL></HIGH>

END 06-OCT-2011

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