Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transcripts from Occupy Houston (05-OCT-2011)

Keep in mind that these are transcriptions, not reporting the stories. I am showing here, to the best of my ability, what people said and how they said it so that you can see how real people in the 99% tell their stories. I've cut no 'uhs' no 'ums' and the punctuation and capitalization are following transcription practices, not normal writing practices.

PERSON ONE; <FALLING> Uh: youknow uh ... sofar from what ive seen youknow i have my own personal view, uh that i have, Youknow the things that, bother me, youknow youknow .. alot. ((RECORDING ERROR)) Weve come to find out that, everybody heres kinda has kinda at nexus point of uh:, what we understand to be the problem with our system and its youknow the the .. corporate, eh .. The global corporate and banking parasites that uh, youknow its gonna take all of us forcing off their suckers at once from youknow, global humanity. .. But uh, me personally i have a i have a recording studio. .. Of uh i own a small business with uh:, two business partners and uh ... uh The business partner that i work with uh, hes had a business for over ten years and at: the beginning of the recession we were trying to start an expansion of our business, .. and uh: ... uh: .. The economy crashed, and one day we had a legitamate business that was worthy of loans and the next day it was: <FORCEFUL> nobody </FORCEFUL> could get a loan unless you wanted to take the absolute worst terms from a private individual. .. And with no real interest rate or anything like that and uh .. Yet the banks got sixteen trillion dollars in ba- secret bailouts from the fed and uhh. ... But none of that money got back to .. to where it needed to go .. To the: to small businesses and small banks, The true backbone of america is entrepreneurs, and: uh theyve left us out in the cold, Unless youre a corporation you dont get that, uh so its its, Understanding that its corporate welfare, .. for the top one percent, and its its: nothing for us: its youknow So thats really where i- where my personal understanding of it all is: is that .. So. </FALLING>

END 05-OCT-2011

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