Friday, May 13, 2011

Real Academics watch My Little Pony

So, I must say that this new show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is quite enthralling. It's had an odd popularity amongst millennials, even the guys (such as myself). Now, personally, I never was 'manly' enough to have a problem liking this, but it's surprising that even some hyper-manly fellows have been entranced by the show. I place the blame on either the subliminal messages or a desire to protect Fluttershy from the mean, mean world.

It's strange, too, since it's not like it's action based (like Powerpuff Girls) innuendo based (like Animaniacs) or insanity based (like Freakazoid). No, it's exactly what you'd expect. 6 female ponies have day-to-day problems that they overcome using friendship and love.

In fact, as best I can tell, the show has only one flaw. Is it just me, or does Equestria seem to be a bit like Plato's Republic? That's an eerie thought.

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